We present you NFT RENT designed to enter Street Runner with a low cost entry, obtaining with it a car + a garage space to start your first races and obtaining your first rewards.
This new level will give you access to participate in the Rookie Race where you can start competing with other Runners and thus get experience and rewards to continue advancing within Street Runner towards new levels.

The maximum available units of cars in until the exit of the game will be the following.

Rookie Driver level cars:

  • MODEL 1: 1000 Units
  • MODEL 2: 1000 Units
  • MODEL 3: 1000 Units
  • MODEL 4: 1000 Units
  • MODEL 5: 1000 Units

1 Rookie level car + 1 garage

The RENT of the Rookie Driver has the following characteristics:

Rookie cars do not have nitrous oxide and do not have parts to add to them and have a monthly RENT of 10 SRP that will be activated at the opening of the game.
To obtain the RENT Rookie this will have an initial payment of 75 BUSD.


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